Course Reading Lists

Fall 2012 

My general Children's Literature course: (these aren't in a specific order, but I'll be posting which book I'm reading in the right hand side of the blog, if you're interested in the order):

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (these are the spine of the course, but we'll have additional reading and film screenings and such!):

and Literature for Adolescents (we're going to be reading these in chronological order, which how I've placed them below is not in that order, so again look to the right hand side):


  1. What a wonderful list of books!!
    You'll have a great year. : )

    I would add "A Year Down Yonder" by Richard Peck.
    My favorite. : ))

    1. Hi Susanna! Thanks for the addition, I'll have to add it to my list of books to read, I've always heard of it but have never actually read it.

      And it was great to meet you at KidLitCon! I'll be posting a recap soon of my talk and would definitely love to talk to you more if you have any other questions or suggestions or comments :)