Thursday, July 26, 2012

Upcoming Film: "Lore" A Post WWII Drama

So I don't know very much about this film yet, but I saw the trailer today for the first time, and I have to say that it looks incredible beautiful, stunning and haunting.  The juxtaposition of the actors with the nature of the German countryside is just amazing, and they all say so much with their eyes!

This film, from Australian director Cate Shortland, has premiered at a few festivals so far but does not yet have a release date.  The story is set in post WW II Germany and it tells the story of Lore, a young German girl and her siblings who are forced to go on a 900km trek to their grandparents house when their father, an SS soldier, is arrested.  Along the way they fall into the hands of a young Jewish man who helps them, and they are thus "forced to trust a charismatic and intriguing Jewish refugee named Thomas, the one person they've always been taught is the enemy" (quoted from The Playlist).  

Here is the trailer:

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    1. I know! And I've been reading a lot of books lately set during WWII so it all works together :) It's such a sad, horrible but also intriguing time in history