Saturday, December 29, 2012

Part 2 Journey through the Rare Books Room

Here's Part 2 of the visual tour through the Baldwin!  If you missed part 1 here's the link:

One of the treasures we found was this beautiful edition of Cinderella from the 1880s, illustrated by Eduard De Beaumont (who I want to learn more about now, because it was lovely!)  There were two copies, one which was a finished book and the other which contained sketches for the same book; it was awesome to see the process of transformation from manuscript to published work!  First here are the sketches and then the final book:

If you follow Brain Pickings, you may have seen Maria's post on Salvador Dali and his illustrated Alice in Wonderland...well here's one of the few original copies, it was AWESOME!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!

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