Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Library Books and upcoming posts

So first of all I just thought I needed to post this picture here!  I'm not even joking my family and I just returned all of those books to the library today, and they were all due today, it's not like they've been accumulating and are late and we are just now returning them...nope we just had THAT many books out.  To be fair I guess I should say that many of them were for our planning for Ancient History read alouds and picture books, which we will be re-checking out but still I think I might have a library problem...  :)

Also, this weekend, I'm hoping to write up two posts:
One finally on my thoughts on the Hunger Games trilogy, I finished Mockingjay yesterday and WOW! it was pretty incredible.

 And the second post will be on a new illustrator I discovered this week, so excited to show you some of his work which I found around the internet, truly wonderful.

(It was hard to pick one image to peak your interest in my new find, but finally decided on this one! and one more)


  1. Oh my! That's quite a pile and quite the illustrator. It's beauuutiful.

  2. Those illustrations are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I'm so glad you like the illustrations, can't wait to post more about this illustrator! It's so sad I can't find his books here in the states though, unless I want to pay sort of crazy prices (at least in my mind they are) :/ But I have one that I found at my library!

    And Juju, I know, tell me about that pile, we literally filled a huge plastic bin/box thing in order to bring them back today! :)

  4. Hello Jess: I am impressed by the number of materials you checked out from the library! I found you online after reading the interesting session description for the Kidlit Conference at the NY Public Library later this month. I hope to meet you in person and hear more about we perceive art in picture books and beyond. All the best,

    1. Thanks Helen! I would love to talk picture books and beyond with you :) Look forward to meeting you!

      And that's a record for me, I think, with our library book intake haha