Friday, August 31, 2012

Read Alouds for Ancient History

Now that classes have started and I'm officially a full time student again, one of the major ways I'll continue helping my mom with my little brother's homeschooling is by assisting in creating a read aloud list of "living books" or historical fiction books and splitting the read aloud time with her.  I did this last year with American history but we didn't get through as many as we wanted, even though we created this intense and long list :)  But this year I've finished the list and I think we're going to be much more successful, we've already read the first two and they were awesome.  So in case you're interested historical fiction and/or ancient times or perhaps you too are a homeschooler and you happen to be doing ancient history, I thought I'd post the list of the read aloud novels we'll be doing!


Mesopotamia (Ancient Near East):

The Jewish People:


Africa (this one's not technically ancient):





Jews and Early Christians under Roman Persecution:

End of the Ancient World (this one might be more for a young adult age group, so not sure if we'll do this one with him, but I'll put it here just in case):

These last two span a wide range of history, so not sure if we'll do them at the end of the year or throughout little by little:

Is anyone else doing Ancient History this year?  Do you have any other suggestions for future book lists?


  1. FABULOUS list. I wish I had something I could suggest.

    1. Thanks Juju! And no worries, if you ever come across something though, feel free to come back to this post and tell me :)