Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall 2012 Children's Lit Courses!

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So almost every year, for as long as I can remember, part of my personal preparation for the new school year involved creating collages to decorate the covers of my binders for class (above are some photos I took of my binder collages to show you).  And actually the last two years of college of haven't done this sadly because I finally came to the realization that at least for college, binders are not very practical to carry around... They are bulky and make taking notes during lectures extremely difficult since for some reason my right hand/arm finds it hard to write on the left side of the page with those big metal rings sticking out in the middle, who would have thought?  And so for two years I have sadly put aside my collage making for my classes.  However this year I decided to revive the tradition, and thought, why not use a 3-subject composition notebook for my three children's lit classes and make a collage on the cover of that?  And so that's exactly what I've done:

Now since I decided to use ONE notebook for my THREE classes, and forego the pleasure of creating three collages for the sake of an efficient bookbag carrying weight, I decided to create a collage to represent my three classes... And you may or may not be able to guess already what my three classes are, probably not I would think, but after I tell you hopefully it will make sense:

So my three children's lit classes this fall are:

1. Literature for the Adolescent
2. Children's Literature
3. Grimm's Fairy Tales

I should mention as well, because I don't think I've officially said it here on Alice in Baker Street, that as of this past May I am transferring to a new University and will get to officially begin my study of Children's Literature!  I've been studying Art History the past two years, with a bubbling interest in children's book illustration and so now I will be pursuing children's lit as my major along with art history as a minor.  So I'm very excited for this new chapter to begin, and I'll be posting during this coming semester on my classes as well in case anyone might be interested :)

And I thought I would post my course text list for this coming fall (just for my children's lit classes, I'm also taking a geology class but I don't think you'll be as interested in that...)

-For "Literature for the Adolescent"(this isn't set in stone yet until I get the final syllabus at the first meeting, but it probably won't change much) I wish there was some historical fiction but alas that usually doesn't make the typical YA list, but I guess I'll get to step out of my comfort zone :

-For "Children's Literature" :

-And for "Grimm's Fairy Tales" (Apparently an expanded and updated version of this book is coming out it October... but I already have mine! I wonder what else will be added?) :

Very excited for these classes and for this new school year!  Although I wish it wasn't starting sooo soon because then I would have more time for the last part of my summer reading pursuits!  There's still about 15 days, so I guess I'll have to make the most of it...


  1. Congrats and good luck with your studies! Nice mix of books. :)

    1. Thanks! (and thanks for coming over to my blog!) It is a nice mix, although I'll be jumping out of my comfort zone with all those contemporary YA books, usually I stick to historical fiction YA :)