Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KidLitCon through Images, Part 2: Conference Day and Wanderings

Here's part two of my visual recap of KidLitCon 2012!

Up early Saturday morning for KidLitCon, my aunt and cousin snapped a photo before I left :)

Inside the New York Public Library with Betsy and the other presenters getting the tour as we pass by this awesome wall that exposes the reservoir that NYPL was built on! (You can check out a list of all the presenters here).

Awaiting Betsy's opening welcome!

For Session 1, I attended "Community-Building On and Off the Blog: Secrets, Tips, and Cautionary Tales" run by three lovely ladies, Sheela, Sayantani and Michelle, who are a part of From the Mixed-Up Files…of Middle Grade Authors.

They had so many great ideas about community building and running things from giveaways to skype sessions with libraries!

I gave my talk during session 2, and I'll be posting a recap following this post very soon :)

I then headed off to lunch with some awesome ladies: (from left to right) Amanda, Leila from Bookshelves of Doom, Kelly from Stacked, Liz from A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy, and Pam from MotherReader .

After lunch, we all attended an extremely exciting and informative session titled: “How Nice is Too Nice?: Critical Book Reviewing in the Age of Twitter”  The panel had an awesome variety of individuals from bloggers to teachers, librarians and authors, journalist and publisher. The panel was moderated by Jennifer Hubert-Swan , YA author Maureen Johnson, librarian and blogger, Betsy Bird, librarian and blogger Liz Burns, teacher and blogger, Monica Edinger, Co-publisher at Groundwood Books Sheila Barry, and writer/journalist Marjorie Ingall .

The last session of the day was "The Changing Relationship Between Reader and Writer" which was moderated by  Karen Halpenny, from Children's Media Association.  The panel included authors, Gayle Forman, Michael Northrop, Alyssa Sheinmel, and Adele Griffin.  The talked about the new relation that is being forged between reader and writer due to the new forces working online specifically through twitter, it was really interesting.
The last thing of the day was the keynote speech, given by Maureen Johnson, with the help of her friend and fellow author, Robin Wasserman .  Their conversation was really great, tying in many things from the day in a funny and wonderful way.  I just loved it!

Some random pictures of NYPL, which I really want to go back because I didn't really get to see if very well, and I want to walk around and see the library!  It was just so beautiful :)

I spent one extra day in NYC, mostly around the St. Patrick's Cathedral and then down at the Strand.  While I was waiting to go to mass, I stopped into the Met Store to pick up some "souvenirs" for my little brother, which was his condition if I was going to be allowed to go to New York without him! :)  These three books looked so good, I want to look them up and find them soon, I just couldn't get any more books, because my bags were already filled full with ARCs from the publisher preview!  But I'm kind of obsessed with picture books about art, and am compiling a list, so if any of you have suggestions leave them below too!

Construction going on at St. Patrick's, it's such an amazing building!

And inside, I felt like I was back in the late Middle Ages in Europe, it was just incredible and beautiful and breathtaking!

I really like taking photos of candles and fire, and I liked how this looked with St. Brigid in the background!

A really awesome pair of bronze doors outside St. Patrick's!

My return to THE STRAND!  I literally love this place, if you saw my post earlier this summer I have more pictures there if you would like to see them: http://alice-peregrinations.blogspot.com/2012/06/looking-back-at-day-1-in-new-york.html

Banned Books Week T-Shirt :)

Flying home after a wonderful weekend!

Looking over my final KidLitCon loot piles (the last one is technically from The Strand and Bank Street Bookstore...):

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm not Catholic but when we were in NYC many years ago, St. Patrick's was on my must-see list. I had read a book called "Cathedral" and absolutely had to see it - the book had painted such a vivid picture. What an incredible building. And what a great trip!

    1. Thanks! It was really great, and the cathedral is just beautiful, I completely agree!!

      Thanks for coming over to my blog by the way! I'm so glad to have found yours :)

  2. What a wonderful recap of a great weekend. You have so many great photos, too. Don't you just love The Strand? And thank you so much for mentioning my recap, too.

    1. Thanks so much!! I do so LOVE The Strand!! There are just soooo many books in there, it's just crazy!

      And you're welcome!!

  3. I like the wispy cloud pictures from the plane!