Friday, August 31, 2012

Read Alouds for Ancient History

Now that classes have started and I'm officially a full time student again, one of the major ways I'll continue helping my mom with my little brother's homeschooling is by assisting in creating a read aloud list of "living books" or historical fiction books and splitting the read aloud time with her.  I did this last year with American history but we didn't get through as many as we wanted, even though we created this intense and long list :)  But this year I've finished the list and I think we're going to be much more successful, we've already read the first two and they were awesome.  So in case you're interested historical fiction and/or ancient times or perhaps you too are a homeschooler and you happen to be doing ancient history, I thought I'd post the list of the read aloud novels we'll be doing!


Mesopotamia (Ancient Near East):

The Jewish People:


Africa (this one's not technically ancient):





Jews and Early Christians under Roman Persecution:

End of the Ancient World (this one might be more for a young adult age group, so not sure if we'll do this one with him, but I'll put it here just in case):

These last two span a wide range of history, so not sure if we'll do them at the end of the year or throughout little by little:

Is anyone else doing Ancient History this year?  Do you have any other suggestions for future book lists?

Updated Reading List for Fall Courses

After a full week of classes and all of my syllabi in hand, I can now update the list I had originally posted because there have been some changes.  My hope is that once a week I'll be able to post thoughts on the week's lectures and possibly even some of my writing responses from the courses... so that's the plan and we'll see how it goes!

Ok so the one that needs to be most updated is my Children's Literature course, so here's the list (these aren't in a specific order, but I'll be posting which book I'm reading in the right hand side of the blog, if you're interested in the order):

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (these are the spine of the course, but we'll have additional reading and film screenings and such!):

and Literature for Adolescents, is still the same but I'll post it again, so it will all be in one place (we're going to be reading these in chronological order, which how I've placed them below is not in that order, so again look to the right hand side):