Thursday, May 17, 2012

Annotated Book Dream - Norton Illustrated Editions

So last night, an element of my dream was literally composed of me walking around what seems to have been a Barnes and Noble and in the center of the store near the cash registers where they usually have their bargain books and calendars and such, was instead a large shelf which had several copies of every single Norton Annotated illustrated book (in paperback!  Which is impossible since they are only available in hardcover, to my knowledge…)  I was desperately trying to find Maria Tatar’s Anotated Brother’s Grimm, but for some reason couldn’t find it, but I was still happy being able to look at all the others (which I will picture below, since they are beautiful to look at).  Alas this was only a dream, but I’m trying to slowly collect them, because they are invaluable resources and a wonder to read!

I first came across one of these books in the little “Friends of the Library” bookshop inside our local public library.  Instead of buying it for it’s listed price of around $35, I quickly got hold of this practically brand new book by Maria Tatar on Classic Fairy tales for a mere $7.  From there I discovered that there were many more similar books, edited by the top scholars in children’s literature!  About two years later I found a copy of the Annotated Secret Garden, which I read aloud with my little brother, and it was incredible because it compiled illustrations from all of the wonderful illustrated editions that have been made and had awesome side notes.  Suffice it to say, I really love these books, enough that they randomly pop into my dreams.  I’m looking forward to this coming semester, where I will be “forced” to purchase another, Maria Tatar’s Grimm’s Fairy tales in fact, for a course I’ll be taking on the Grimm brothers;  I guess I’ll have to sacrifice myself.


  1. How neat! I just read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland aloud to my daughter. It was a free, Kindle edition and there weren't even any pictures. An annotated version would be so helpful! (We are now reading Through the Looking Glass!)

    Last week I read a book by Polly Shulman called The Grimm Legacy. It was good, but not great. But, it's about Grimm's Fairy Tales and they use a lot of the fairy tales as they figure out the mystery. You might enjoy it as a tie-in to your class! (And, it was good enough that I finished it in a couple of days.)

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll definitely check it out :)

      I hope you guys enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, I read both of those with my little brother last summer and he loved them! There is also a really great audio version of ALice in Wonderland read by Jim Dale, if you guys like audiobooks. And yes, the illustrations are sooo awesome for the reading experience, I think. There's also this great book, it's an edition of Alice in Wonderland, it's not annotated, but it has a combination of the best illustrations as well, I first saw it at a museum store and then found it online at Amazon, here' the link:

      Enjoy and thanks again!!