Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Film, thoughts to come...

Finally saw The Hunger Games film tonight! Will hopefully post my thoughts on it tomorrow, but for now here's a screen shot of a pinterest board I created after watching the film, please CLICK on the image or the link below to see the pictures in a larger format:

I found so many similarities to Depression era America in the film's aesthetic, I really enjoyed the visuality and aesthetic that they created, especially in District 12!
Here's the actual link to my pinterest board for The Hunger Games to see the pictures better:


  1. My daughter and I have now seen The Hunger Games - twice! I didn't care for it as much as the book and we enjoyed, especially the second time, picking out the differences. But, it was still a good movie.

    My daughter is eager to read the books again! And, school is out for the summer at noon today, so she'll have some free time to do it!

  2. I want to read it again after seeing it last night. And I want to rap more about it with you now that I've had a day to mull over it in my mind. I ended up dreaming about the characters last night after the movie! Guess it's inevitable, when you see a movie that ends at 1:30am, eh?! Thanks again for going with me, Jess. I love the casting they did, and I was very pleased how much they stuck to the book. Were you surprised by the lack of emotion triggered by the film? Wait, maybe that is not the right way to put it...because it was definitely thought provoking...just not so much emotion provoking, does that make sense? Yes, definitely want to talk more in depth with you about it, and I know i am going to want to watch it again, once it's out on DVD!! But I agree with the other commenter here- the book was still better as a whole!